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April Predictions Contest: The Fate of Jason Stackhouse

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Dying to know what's going to happen in Season 3?
Us too.
But until we find out,
we want to hear from you.

Every month, we'll ask you to make a prediction about Season 3.
All you have to do is create anything handmade
that shows your prediction.

Prediction #2

Share with us where you think the fate of Jason Stackhouse lies for Season 3.

Here are some of our designs to give you a little inspiration:

created by Sarabeth
I think Jason is still confused,
but has found a way back to the reality
of his home in Bon Temps.
He will be more friendly towards the
vampires, will have a better relationship with Sookie
and hopefully fall in love without all the chaos of V...
maybe even a Vamp of his own, who knows.
I'm hoping for all of the above for sweet n sexy Jason :)

Submit your creations by leaving a comment here
with a direct link to your blog
by 04/30/10, 11:59pm  ET

All participants will be entered
into a drawing to win a small RAK!

We look forward to seeing your creations!

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