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Witches, fairies, and weres! Oh, my!

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Five for Friday:
Season 4 Speculations
If you don't like spoilers, abandon ship!

1) Sunday begins the season of a love quadrangle.
Poor Sookie. Don't you just feel terrible
for her? Maybe it would help if I took
one of those supernaturals off her hands...

Which one of them is half naked in her house?

I'm guessing Eric since 2) the vampire sheriff has lost his memory.
It appears his mind isn't the only thing he's forgotten.
Pam never would have let Eric leave the club looking like this...

3) Fairyland is not all sunshine and flowers.
There's also glowing fruit!

This eight-minute sneak peak makes the fairies
look more like the newest supernaturals to
come out in Bon Temps (see below)
than irresistible vamp food.
These are fairy godmothers I can do without!

4) As if Bon Temps didn't have enough supernaturals to contend with,
here come the witches!

The candlelit circle is a dead (no pun intended) giveaway, no?

5) Jason is "reborn" as a werepanther.

The human population of Bon Temps is quickly dwindling!

Which storyline(s) are you 
most looking forward to?

Unless otherwise noted, 
images are from HBO's True Blood trailers, teasers, and posters.

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