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If you have read the Sookie Stackhouse novels, please do not reveal any information beyond what has been televised on the HBO series. Thanks!

Meet the Design Team: Tonya

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Last, but certainly not least, we are happy to introduce you to Tonya. Tonya joins our design team from Stamp Happens.

1. What attracts you most to True Blood?
Hot guys. Actually the humor is phenomenal in the show. The relationships are rich and engaging. It’s easy to invest into this show. Jason Stackhouse and Eric Northman don’t hurt either!

2.  If Vampires really "came out of the coffins", would you fight for Vampire Rights or would you join the Fellowship of the Sun?
I’d fight for Vamp rights of course!

3.  If you were a vamp, would you mainstream and drink True Blood, or would you feed the old-fashioned way?

4.  Are you team Bill, team Sam or team Eric? 

5.  Who would you want as your BFF?

6.  Would you rather hang out in Fangtasia or Merlotte's?

7.  Which character would you least want to meet in a dark alley?
Hoyt’s mother. 

8.  How do you feel about Season 3 Spoilers being revealed?
I’m not looking!!! LOL

9.  To read or not read the Sookie Stackhouse novels?
Definitely to read!!! I’ve read several more than once. Book 4 is luscious!!

10. What can you "bring" to the True Blood Challenge?
Flair. Passion for the subject matter! ☺

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